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How Yoga Perfectly Compliments Travel

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve always been a very active person, but it wasn’t until late in life that I found yoga.


By always active, I mean that if I were to even go a single day without exercise of some sort, I’d be left feeling un-grounded and lethargic. Today, I realize that this is because a part of an innate calling of mine is to pursue something that challenges me physically.

yoga in San Luis Obispo
yoga in San Luis Obispo

On my fitness journey, I’ve been through karate, weight lifting, running, and hiking. All of these made me feel satisfied to some degree, and it was always grounding to work on my body through these mediums of activity.

When I became interested in and invested my money into travel in 2014, I realized that there would be no gym, and probably not even the motivation to keep my fitness up anyway. The travel was great, but there was a lingering emptiness.

One of my earliest trips was to Vietnam. In Vietnam I discovered so much about the world and myself. It was quite overwhelming, a sensation that derived from so much happening around me and a desire to do something more with myself.

To know myself.


yoga in nature
yoga in nature




A few months after arriving home I attended my first yoga class. I have always been interested in the mind/body/soul benefits of exercise, and after my first yoga session, I knew I had found the embodiment of these principles. Yoga is now my preferred choice of movement today (2.5 years later). 

Not only can it be practiced almost anywhere at anytime, but it also has the qualities of steadying the mind amidst chaos. This makes yoga an excellent companion with travel. Ever seen anyone doing yoga at the airport? I bet so!

I made my way to the gorgeous Caribbean coast of Costa Rica subsequent to my Vietnam travels. There, I swam in the sea, worked with sea turtles, but most importantly figured out that yoga is a path I’d like to wander down for the long term.

The people I met seemed very enticed by my practice and even joined in at times. Their intrigue showed me that not only can this practice be a catalyst for my own personal growth and transformation, it’s also worth spreading to others so they can experience the same.

I didn’t even push my practice like a religion! People just found out I practiced and were curious to see and experience it!

Aside from having found an ideal practice that is accessible anywhere at anytime, I know that I have reached union with a passion that has helped shape me as a human being and continues to.

yoga in Hawaii
yoga in Hawaii

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