Wild Goddess 11-week Coaching Programme

Wild Goddess is a deep dive into what it means to be you. It’s about releasing the layers of conditioning that stop you expressing yourself authentically. It’s about stepping into your ultimate power so you can live a free and abundant life. We’ll explore and unpack the limiting beliefs and outdated narratives that are holding you back, we’ll tap into the wisdom of our bodies so we can learn to cherish them in all forms and expressions. 

Wild Goddess is about coming home.

Are you…

♥ constantly trying to love and accept yourself more so you can feel more confident in who you  are and show up fully without fear of being judged? 

♥ trying to work towards creating the life you want to live, and fulfilling your dreams and goals but find yourself trapped with fear and doubt holding you back? 

♥ struggling to set boundaries with those around you due to feelings of guilt, or simply having never been taught how to do it, and so you find yourself in relationships that drain you, or constantly giving all of your energy away with no time for yourself and what you want to do?

♥ often finding that you feel responsible for the feelings of others and so find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster that is dictated by the emotions of those around you, i.e. when your partner is having a bad day, you feel like you’re having a bad day as well?

♥ struggling to accept and love the body you are in, constantly searching and focusing on what is wrong with it and feeling a lack of confidence in the way you look? 

♥ really bad at making decisions and find yourself consistently asking others to make choices for you? 

♥ do you feel guilty about expressing your wants, needs and desires, or simply not know how to do it in an effective way and end up feeling drained or like what you want isn’t important anymore? 

♥ struggling to deal with ‘negative’ emotions when they arise and feel guilty for needing time for yourself to rest? 

♥ sure that you are meant for more, but your limiting beliefs and fear of what those around you will think keeping you playing small? 

 Ready to stand in your power and be the womxn you know you are?

Imagine if…

  • You felt confident and secure in who you were, so you could show up as yourself in all situations, not caring what those around you thought and do the things that set your soul on fire. 
  • You were able to set clear, loving and compassionate boundaries with those around you so that you could always make sure you were saying ‘yes’ from a place of love, not fear, and that you felt confident enough to say ‘no’ to others when you needed to say ‘yes’ to yourself. 
  • You were aware of the power and gifts you already have within you, so that if limiting beliefs or doubt arise you had the tools and practices to move through them with ease and carry on living as the powerful goddess that you are. 
  • You could change the negative relationship you have with your body so that you could love and cherish it, and feel confident, divine and powerful in the skin you are in, without focusing on all of the things you think are wrong with it. 
  • You had clarity on what it is you want your life to look like, and you could start working towards making that dream a reality.

WELCOME TO Wild Goddess

Wild Goddess is an 11-week programme designed to help womxn feel confident in who they are so that they know they are capable enough to go after the life they want, to show up as themselves fully without fear and  to know that they are worthy and enough.

Wild Goddess is for the womxn who is ready to stop playing small and to welcome all of who she is and what she wants into her life. 


Throughout this 11-week programme you’ll explore what it means to be you. It’s packed with practices I’ve used (and continue to use) on my journey to discovering myself, as well as techniques and information I’ve learned throughout my undergraduate psychology degree and masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. 

I created WG because I want women to stop questioning themselves, to stop limiting themselves, to stop thinking they’re ugly or not beautiful. I was fed up of seeing women feeling shame and guilt around expressing their needs and, being disconnected from their natural essence and intuition. I wanted to help women feel empowered to go for their goals and dreams. To have healthy relationships and know that they can say no and don’t have to accept less than they deserve. I longed to help womxn learn to use their voice and embrace their emotions and their feminine energy in a world that tries to make them so masculine. 

Ultimately I wanted to guide womxn to become flourishing, thriving, glowing, intuitive goddess beings. To be more confident and use their voice, to not always act small, or agreeable or feel they have to be nice. To have the confidence to do whatever they want to do. To not feel like they have to ‘’fix’’ people, or constantly give give and give.

By the end of Wild Goddess....

  • You’ll have the tools and practices to help you overcome limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging thoughts when they arise. 
  • You’ll have meditations and journalling practices that you can turn to at any time during your continued journey to becoming more of yourself. 
  • You’ll have re-written out-dated narratives that don’t serve you and that are holding you back
  • You’ll have got super clear on what it is that your goals are and how you want your life to look and then have taken steps towards achieving that. 
  • You’ll have tools to help you connect to your intuition and make decision making easy and empowering.
  • You’ll have learned where you need to create boundaries and have gained techniques and communication skills that will enable you to communicate them effectively.
  • You will have dived into and explored the things that make you feel alive, as well as practices to help deal with difficult emotions so that you can feel empowered and more in control of your emotions.
  • You’ll have practices you can use to help create a more positive and loving relationship with your body, so that you can honour, cherish and feel comfortable and at home in the skin you’re in.
  • You’ll have a community of womxn who love, cherish and celebrate all that it means to be you.
  • You’ll have lifetime access to the practices, rituals and information so you can use them on your continued journey, as well as continued support through a social media community and monthly cacao ceremonies. 

I'm Louise

I’m currently studying for my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and in 2017 I gained an Undergraduate degree in Psychology. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in helping people see their potential, especially womxn, because for centuries we have been manipulated into being small, into being less than and hiding who we really are, because society is scared of a powerful, embodied women. 

I haven’t always felt strong enough or confident enough to follow this path though. For many years I struggled with low self-esteem, literally no boundaries, I felt incredibly responsible for the emotions and feelings of others, I struggled with disordered eating and if I’m being honest, I was trying to mould and shape myself into a ‘doll’ that society and men would find palatable. I was scared of being seen or heard and I would never ever want to upset anyone so I’d compromise on my values and my goals in order to make sure they were happy. I wasn’t living for myself but as a doormat for others to use. 

Eventually, after surrounding myself with the right people and exploring the world of yoga and diving deep into the psychology of my behaviour and thoughts, I started working on releasing the conditioning I had absorbed that was causing me to play small and forget who I was at my core. It’s been a long journey, that isn’t over. Every day, I try to become more of who I am, I try to shed the stories and behaviours that don’t serve me, and I try to live authentically as myself. 

Through this journey I’ve been able to find the power in being myself. I’ve been able to realise that the narrative society pushes about women being too weak and needing to be more like men was, bullsh*t and that there is power in all that it means to be a women. 

And this is why I created Wild Goddess, because I wanted to help create a group of women who were aware of their power, who were ready to embrace all facets of what it means to be them. I was ready to create a revolution.

What we'll dive into together...

You get access to this first module as soon as you enroll. We’ll briefly go over what you can expect and what you need to do in order to get the most out of Wild Goddess. There are also a couple of general practices for you to get started on that will set the tone for the whole programme, such as a daily journal and intention setting. 

This weeks content is all about learning to love and accept all of yourself. We’ll work through some journal prompts, a meditation as well some rituals and practices that I have found to be expansive when it comes to self-love. We’ll also unpick and re-write some of the conditions you have surrounding loving yourself so you can become more confident in who you are and love all parts of yourself unconditionally.

Week two is about releasing insecurities around our bodies, it’s about shifting our attention from everything we think is wrong with them, onto all the things that are beautiful and powerful. Society tells us that we need to fix and change our bodies, this module is about realising that we don’t, that our bodies, regardless of shape or size are beautiful.

From childhood onwards we’ve been fed a stories about how the world works and what is acceptable or not acceptable. These narratives have dictated the way we live our lives and they may be holding us back from living authentically or going after the things we want. During week three we’ll uncover what the stories you tell yourself are as well as using cognitive psychology to re-write them into something that is more in alignment with who you are.

Week four brings together the previous three weeks and is all about gaining the confidence to be the fullest expression of yourself, to envision what that looks like and step into it. It’s about taking up space and speaking your truth without letting fear of judgement get in the way. It’s about letting your inner goddess shine through.

 We will deep dive into all of the things that make you feel alive and make space for fostering positive emotions and creating a life that is full of joy and gratitude. In terms of the feminine cycle of Yin and Yang, this week is about the full bloom. It’s about living a happy life and developing an optimistic mindset.

In week 5 we talked about the full bloom of life, this week we focus on the inevitable and important yin phase of the feminine cycle. We’ll learn how to tap into understanding what our emotions are telling us, how to embrace the slow and restful periods of our cyclic nature as well as how to deal and manage with uncomfortable feelings and emotions so that we can embrace and learn from them rather than avoid them.

Love, this week we getting clear on what sets your heart and soul on fire. We’re going to overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your goals and creating the reality you want as well creating actionable steps towards those realities in a confident and unapologetic way.

We’ll be deep diving into helping you trust yourself that you can make decisions based on your best interests without the need for external validation. You’ll be learning to listen to your body and connect with your deep inner knowing – your intuition. As well as using a blueprint to help you manifest your goals and dream reality.

This week is big. We will be looking at where you do and don’t have boundaries in place and where you need them and how to implement them. We’ll go through how you can track your energy so you can start filling up your own cup first. We’ll also deep dive into how to break out of codependency and emotional enmeshment so you can have healthy relationships that don’t drain you.

Now we’ve gone over boundaries and energy tracking, we’ll be exploring effective communications within our relationships, including non-violent communication, so that you can start expressing your needs and boundaries in an effective and compassionate way.

In our final week together, we’ll be tackling the ways we have internalised misogyny that is not only affecting the way we live our lives and how comfortable we feel in our skin, but also our relationships with others -especially women-. We’ll go over female pleasure and sexual empowerment, reclaiming the word ‘bitch’, why we need to stop being ‘nice’ all of the time, and releasing some of the brainwashing we’ve received surrounding romantic relationships. It’s a big topic, with lots of juicy insights that will shake your world and help you live a more empowered life as a womxn.

What’s included…

  • 11+ in-depth videos on each topic
  • A whole host of practices designed for each topic including; meditations, rituals, journalling, sacred movement, and both traditional and positive psychology practices.
  • A (optional) monthly group cacao ceremony where you will be able to connect with a group of supportive womxn to further your journey which you can attend even after the 11-week programme and coaching has ended. (depends on enrollment numbers and availability- exact details TBD)
  • 11 weeks of weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour coaching sessions with me.
  • Messaging access to me Monday-Saturday for extra support if you need it
  • A facebook(or Instagram) group for all members of the programme to share their journey and support each other
  • Lifetime access to the course including any updates.

Grab your spot on the waitlist for the next round (starting June/July 2021) if you’re ready to prioritise yourself and start loving and trusting yourself. By joining the waitlist you’ll get the chance to grab an early bird discount price as well as first access to enrollment.

If you want to more information regarding Wild Goddess, or have any questions, pop a message below and I can either answer them via email or we can jump on a quick call together to make sure it’s the right fit for you!

Got any questions? I'm here to help...