Cacao Ceremony

I have used and found Cacao to be a really powerful way of connecting to myself on a deeper level and being able to have expansive and growth oriented conversations with those around me.

Cacao is a heart-opening plant medicine and has been used in a ritual way for a long long time in and throughout central America dating as far back as the Olmec, Aztec and Mayan civilisations. If you want to find out more about the history and practice of cacao check out this blog post I wrote on the topic.

Because Cacao has been so powerful for me, I couldn’t not include it as part of this programme because I know that it has the potential to enhance your growth and empowerment and ultimately that’s the goal of this programme.

Here’s what you’ll need

Please turn up to the ceremonies with all of the things you’ll need because we’ll be diving straight in.

✨ A warm cup of cacao

✨ A journal

✨ Anything else you’ll need that helps you dive deep into intentions. You can set up a space in your room that feels special and sacred, e.g. fairy lights, candles, incense, any crystals or special things to you.

Where to buy your cacao

For ceremonial ceremonies it’s best to purchase ”ceremonial grade” cacao. But if this isn’t available to you, just make sure you have a good quality, pure, 100% cacao powder.

Here are some I love to use


Firefly ceremonial grade cacao

Amazon Nativa’s organic cacao powder


Ritual Cacao

Amazon Nativa’s organic cacao powder

Elements for life ceremonial grade cacao

How to make your drink

Throughout the following process be mindful and present in each step. Start to think about what you intentions are for the upcoming ceremony. Every time you interact with the cacao try to imagine your intentions pouring into it. Notice how it smells, how it feels, how it looks.

☕️ Heat up some water so that it’s boiling.

☕️ While the water is boiling add your cacao to your cup (use the directions for how much cacao to use for the product you purchased)

☕️ Add the boiling water to your cacao and mix until it is all dissolved into a chocolate drink

☕️ Add extras to taste such as sweetner (coconut sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar, stevia etc), cinamon, salt, chili flakes.

☕️ Your cacao is ready for the ceremony (:

Book your space on the next ceremony

The next ceremony will take place on February 27th 2021 at 5pm (GMT). Duration will vary but it will never last longer than 2 hours.

Please note: The last time you can sign up for this ceremony is February 25th.