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The True Meaning of Life Through Travel

What is the truth about life? The meaning of life? How should we conduct ourselves on a daily basis? What can we do to live a life full of meaning, purpose and fulfillment?

To be honest, I can’t accurately answer this, because I simply don’t know.

How do I do this life thing?

Learning about different cultures and religions can cause stress, or an existential crisis, even. We can become confused about the ways we conduct our lives when seeing how other people live.

Something that has been working for me is simply making life about not knowing. Embrace the mystery and go out into the world to figure it all out!

For example, what if you traveled to Japan, became part of a Buddhist community? What if there, you decided that the meaning of life is to withdrawal the senses to obtain moksha?

What if your pursuits later somehow led you to just say. . . Spain, where you viewed the Spanish way of life. There, you decided that the meaning of your life is to start and have a family.

Now imagine before starting your family you find yourself in the Amazon rain forest of Peru, where you meet a shaman and he takes you under his wing as a prospective healer? How do you think your views of the world and of your life would change then? You would still have the underlying desire to start that family, yet now you feel a higher calling pulling at you.

You get the point.

The point is that life isn’t about knowing. Life is about searching. It’s about realizing that happiness doesn’t come from the life you imagine living, but from rejoicing in gratitude for the life you already are living.

So as long as you have all of the essentials to thrive and remain alive, rejoice and keep exploring!


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