Recommended Books

There are no ”required readings” for this course, obviously, however I thought it would be useful to include some of the books that have really helped me in the past to come back home to myself, to overcome limiting beliefs, and to feel more empowered and confident in who I am as a person. Women …

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The Daily Happiness Journal

I created this ”happiness journal” a while ago after struggling through Coronavirus seriously messing up my plans. It helps bring some positivity into my days and I wanted to share that with others who may be struggling or just want a simple yet powerful daily journalling practice. The prompts on this journal only take about …

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Wild Goddess Intentions

When starting something new or seeking big transformation, it is really helpful to set intentions. Getting clear on what it is that you desire and want is the first step to actually achieving it. It’s a powerful tool that will be very useful to you throughout this journey together. Setting intentions helps you to focus …

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