Daily Happiness Journal

After the first few months of Covid, after the illusions I had about it only lasting for 1 month had definately passed, I started to feel stressed, anxious, and honestly, just sad. All of my plans had be messed up, I was having to leave my boyfriend and dog half-way across the world due to border closures and I felt like life was unfair. I was spiraling and it was affecting my days.

I finally decided that enough was enough and I took to my daily journalling practice. I wrote down a set of prompts that I was going to use every day to bring more happiness and gratitude into my life, and it worked.

So here it is, the ‘happiness’ journal I used during a tough time in my life, now available to bring some joy into your life. It’s free and really easy and powerful.

Just fill out the form below and get instant access.

If you download it and use it, let me know what you thought.