Mental Health

Tools to help you sooth the mind.

Louise Baker
Bsc in Psychology & advanced CBT certification

My aim is to remove the taboo around mental health. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health issue each year, and with increased daily stressors people are finding it more difficult to cope with them.

I want to give people a place where they can heal in a holistic and mindful way. I have created several free-resources to help people do this. In the E-book section, you will find a selection of e-books specifically related to individual problems. In these e-books, you will find information about the mental health problem plus techniques used to help heal them. I have also created a place where people can post issues they need advice on. These questions can be asked anonymously and I will give advice in my response. The questions will be displayed publically so others can get advice if they’re having a similar problem.

Having gained a first-class BSc degree in Psychology, and then gone on to get an advanced cognitive behavioural therapy certificate I am arming myself with all of the knowledge I need to help others. Further to this, I am currently pursuing my masters in advanced positive psychology and coaching psychology.

I hope you find these resources useful and please reach out if you need anything.

Need some advice?

Do you need someone to talk to? Do you need advice on something in your life and don’t know who to turn to? On this page, you can post questions anonymously. I will respond promptly giving advice and referring you to any resources I think would be useful. These questions will be publically shared so others can get advice from past questions.

Free E-books

I have created a whole hose of free resources that are problem specific and more generalised. You can download these and refer back to them whenever you want.