MSc Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology research participation


I’m grateful that you’re interested in taking part in my Master’s research project.

I’m just about finished with my two-year Masters programme and I’m getting started on conducting my research. For this, I need some lovely and willing participants (roughly 40-50).

My research is looking at the relationship between gratitude and physical touch on body awareness in adult women.

Your participation, which you can do online at home at your convenience, will include completing some short questionnaires prior to any intervention, you’ll then be asked to complete a short (roughly 10-15 minute) guided massage practise 3 times a week for 21 days (a total of 9 massages), you’ll then be asked to complete further questionnaires immediately after the 21 days, and then again 2-weeks afterwards.

Unfortunately I’m not in the position to provide payment for participation, but the hope is that you will gain benefits from the intervention itself.

Inclusion criteria

Participants must be (self-identifying) women of at least 18 years of age and must not currently be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, an eating disorder, such as bulimia or anorexia or have a physical disability.

If you are interested in taking part in this research, please drop your email down below and I’ll be in touch soon with more details. Watch our for an email from me, Louise, with subject ‘Research participation info!’ If you don’t receive it within an hour check your spam folder. Please remember to sign the consent form (included with the info email) if you decide to participate.

Don’t worry, adding your name to the list isn’t set in stone and if at a later date, once you have more information, you decide you no longer want to take part, that’s perfectly fine.

If you have any questions also pop them in the box below, or reach out to me a louisebaker0921[at]gmail[dot]com

Also, if you think you know anyone who would be interested in taking part, please share this link with them, the more women that participate the better.