Why I Want to Live in Costa Rica

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]osta Rica is a common travel destination. Why? There’s no better place to experience the soul-comforting tropics. Whether you choose the dry Pacific coast, prefer the wetter Caribbean coast, or want to chill inland and explore epic, chilly, high-elevated volcanoes, there’s a flavor for every tropic-goer’s individual taste.

I chose to reside on the Caribbean coast during my travels in Costa Rica. There, I discovered why I would rather permanently live in Costa Rica over anywhere else on the planet!


The people of Costa Rica.


Have you ever met a tico or tica? Costa Ricans are easily the kindest people I have ever met. They want to feed you. They want to hear you speak. They want to provide you with any type of hospitality you may need. You can even feel the inherent generosity of Costa Ricans when spending time with the children. They are so playful, smart, full of curiosity, and rarely have a sad moment! It quickly becomes obvious that they are raised in a fruitful environment. I was lucky enough to spend time with some while volunteering at a local school.

playing with costa rican children
 little mini ticos!!!


During my travels, I was offered a rest in a tico’s house where I was met with an ecstatic conversation and a fresh squeezed juice from the star fruit in his garden. An elderly man entered the house who was so old that he didn’t even know his own age. But when I saw how he was constantly gleaming, I thought: “ it’s no wonder he’s living to be so old!”

I was also lucky enough to have a home stay while in Costa Rica. My host parents were soooo giving and caring. They made me breakfast every morning and washed my clothes. One night I was late for an event I wanted to attend, and my host father (a taxi driver) halted his work and drove me all the way to the event! I am yet to receive this type of hospitality elsewhere!


The nature.


Costa Rica is one of the first nations to run on renewable resources. When in the country, submerged in the abundance of nature, this is no surprise. For more info on Costa Rica’s renewable resources, check out this Renergy link.

I went on a few jungle walks where I experienced an abundance of the natural world. There were leaf cutter ants on the forest floor, sloths slowly making their way through the trees, crocodiles in the waters, and sea turtles nesting on the shores (the jungle lined the ocean). 

picking a coconut in Costa Rica
  coconuts always in high abundance.


The weather.


Costa Rica is definitely one of those places where the weather stays pleasant year round. During my stay, I experienced very hot weather followed by a tropical storm that was prolonged and nearly flooded the entire village! It was so awesome (in my eyes).

flooding in Parismina
 flood alert!


So if you want a break from the tropical sun, head to the Caribbean side in the summer like I did. You’ll get a lot of rain, but still sunshine too.


The water.


I’m from Southern California where the water is often a tease by being 5 degrees under a comfortable temperature.

There is no tease in Costa Rica. The combination of the perfect water and perfect air was so pleasant , that I was nearly frothing at the mouth with joy!

The food of Costa Rica!


The food is simple, yet phenomenal. My favorite staple food is both plantains and the classic rice and beans. The Ticos are hearty eaters; their meals often include a side salad with a large slice of tomato on top. There’s nothing quite like a homemade Costa Rican meal!

Although containing more foods outside of traditional Costa Rican cuisine, one of my favorite restaurants I ate at was Neshuma (when I was inland). You can read all about it on tripadvisor!

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