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Lessons from a Three Day Juice Fast

Three days is nothing compared to what avid juice-fasters have embarked on, I know. But when you’re new to a juice fast, I’ve heard it’s important to start small instead of going all in for a ten or twenty day period.

My main objective on the juice fast was to detox my body, particularly heavy metals. I decided it was time to sweep down the house after reading Medical Medium’s book (on sale right now!) and learning about the most effective means of detoxification.

I’m not exactly sure how effective a juice fast is at detoxing heavy metals as compared to some of Medical Medium’s other modes of detox, like his suggestion of eating plenty of wild blueberries, cilantro, Atlantic dulse, barley juice powder, and Hawaiian spirulina. But I thought I’d give a juice fast a go anyway to get rid of any other accumulation of crap as well as potentially ridding some of the metals.

Heavy metals, particularly mercury, is virtually impossible to escape in the current human condition. We’ve actually began accumulating it since birth. In older generations, it was thought to have medicinal qualities. Once its potent toxicity was discovered, it was still used in medical practices. It was still turning up profit. All of this is bad news because mercury can be passed from mother to fetus!

Why a juice fast

slice of orange for juice fast
A slice of orange about to be juiced

Don’t we want to end the cycle of generations of heavy metal and toxic accumulation?

Either way, a juice fast can give your digestive system a serious break and allow it to turn and work on other areas of expelling that it never has a chance to get to. Since our digestion system is always focused on the loads of foods we throw its way, it often doesn’t have a moment to spare for serious detoxification.

A juice fast can also be a very spiritual experience for some. Fasting gets rid of minor (or major) food addictions and naturally turns the mind’s attention toward higher foods and thoughts outside of bodily desire and sensual pleasure.

The body has the capacity to heal itself if we allow it to. It is able to rid the toxins we’re constantly exposed to. But we often don’t allow it to be in the proper state to do so, thus toxins accumulate.

What to juice on a juice fast

According to Medical Medium, a mixture of apples, celery, and cucumber contain the perfect balance of sugar, mineral salts, and potassium that allow the body to detox most efficiently. It might be a good idea to use these as a base.

juice coming out of juicer for juice fast
First juice of the day!

Some other good fruits and vegetables to juice include carrots, oranges, beets, leafy greens, turmeric, and ginger.

But again, the apples, celery, and cucumber are the primary ingredients you should be juicing to put your body in a highly functional state of detox.

Starting slow with a juice fast

Okay, so I’ve been a plant based eater now for about two and a half years. I cut out animal products primarily to help keep my ulcerative colitis at bay. Also, I’ve done a one day juice fast before my three day one.

So during the (often dreaded) second day of my recent three day juice fast, I was actually up and about, doing yoga and rock climbing.

But for a “normal” eater, a juice fast can be a shock to the body. If you’ve seen Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (not saying you are), then you know that going into this fast cold turkey will hurt. So I suggest starting slow. Begin with a single day juice fast. And then your next one try two days. And then three, and so on.

Opt for organics

Having pesticides on the surface of your fruits and vegetables will hinder the effectiveness of your juice fast. Always buy organic produce whenever possible.

When I got my produce from the San Luis Obispo farmer’s market, I made sure all of the produce was at least pesticide free.

Imagine pesticides landing in your body after you’ve emptied and exposed it. Counter-intuitive!

Detox symptoms

Each morning of my juice fast, I woke up with the urge to vomit. I’m no medical expert, but my guess is that this symptom is from the toxins leaving my organs and landing in my digestive system to be later expelled. I took the nausea as an immune response.

I also experienced diarrhea which also supports this idea.

So expect some nausea along the way, and if you’re absolutely new to detoxification and a clean diet, maybe a little bit of vomiting. But fear not. Vomiting is often given such a negative connotation, but if there’s something bad in the system and needs to come out, let it!

fruits and veggies for juice fast
About to be juiced!

You also might feel wiped out from any caffeine, food, or sugar withdrawals you’re experiencing, even unknowingly. Beginning with a single day juice fast and building your way up is key to avoiding these symptoms as much as possible.

The aftermath

This is the part where I ended my fast by biting into the most delicious banana I’ve ever had. I’ve actually been addicted to bananas since this fast. I eat about 4 or 5 daily.

One of the most apparent shifts have been a change in my cravings. Instead of craving pancakes, burgers, toast, etc, I began to only want a fruit smoothie! A juice fast is a good decision for anyone looking to curb their cravings and really start fresh.

Another noticeable difference has been in the way I feel. I have more clarity. A thin veil seems to have been lifted. Everything just seems brighter! I feel more alive to say the least. So a juice fast can be an overall good choice for you if you’re looking for a fresh start in life, need a new perspective, or need boost in mental stamina and mood.

Also, juicing is a blast. You intuitively know you’re doing something great for your body, and can’t help but to feel excited at the next time you get to set up the juicer!






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