How many of you sit at work dreaming of your next holiday destination? Dreaming of the next time you’ll hop on a plane and escape the daily commute to the office? Kathrin and Dominik are just like that. Working a full time job, they only have 30 days to travel. A helpful thing that gets them through the work day is looking up their next travel destination.

The times they are able to travel never seem to disappoint.

Stunning views from their travels

Exploring Western Australia In A Camper Van

In 2017 they set of on an epic adventure to West Australia where they had decided that a camper van would be the perfect mode of transport. Initially being scared by this new way of travelling, as they thought it might not suit their way of travelling. Much to their excitement, it was ideal. They were able to see countless white beaches, go snorkelling with whale sharks, fly over Houtman Abrolhos islands and met some friendly kangaroos and people. Being in a van meant they were able to see the truly phenomenal nature of WA in a unique way.

Learning about themselves and the world whilst off the beaten track

They aim for their travels to take them off the beaten track, saying:

it leave us wanting more and more adventures and new experiences. It’s about pushing our own limits and gaining inspiration from others.

For example, on a trip to Africa, they were driving through the Savannah and the Okavango Delta for hours spotting wild animals. They love to travel and believe that it allows us to learn so much about ourselves, about others and about all the cultures and traditions of the world.

Enjoying and experiencing all the nature the world has to offer

Travel going wrong

Of course even for those travel veterans amongst us, our adventures don’t always go to plan. Kathrin describes how her time in San Francisco that ended up being more like a nightmare than a dream:

Whilst in the USA with my sister, somebody broke into our car in San Francisco on our first day of the journey. They stole our passports, credit cards and much more. That was a horrible experience. Luckily there was a German embassy in San Francisco, where we got a temporary passport.

Dominik also recalls a time when his travels didn’t go quite to plan

In 2016 we went on a safari into the Okavango Delta, where we took Malaria prophylaxis. After the Safari we went to Capetown and Mauritius. In Mauritius I got ill and was very afraid of having Malaria. Thank god, it was just an infection.

Despite these unfortunate events, they believe that the world is beautiful with so many untouched places that they so strongly desire to see.

Learning about themselves and the world whilst traveling

Capturing the world

If you take a look at their Instragram, you are greeted by an array of dazzling photographs. They manage to capture the landscape and the places they visit so perfectly – but only describe themselves as hobby photographers (?!). We asked them how they go such beautiful shots.

Some shots are created by chance. But we are always looking for the perfect location. It´s always a matter of light and the object you want to take a picture of. But we still have to learn a lot about photography and our camera (Canon EOS 600 D).

Despite being kind enough to share their photographs with the world via Instgram, their main reason is to get them through the rainy days back in Germany, where they love to create photo albums of all their adventures!

Kathrin taking in the beauty of the desert

How they cope with leaving their family

For a lot of people, the hardest part about leaving your home country and going to travel is missing family and friends. I know that this can be a major factor that stops so many people from following their dreams. With today’s technology however, it is easier than ever to stay in contact with people around the world. Karthin and Domink take advantage of this. They chat with their families and friends most days via whatsapp and because their trips aren’t too long, this never really becomes an issue for them.

Why they inspire us and why they should inspire you

For me, just looking through their photo collection gives me immense wanderlust. In addition to this though, their passion for travel and knowledge of the world is inspiring. Despite having full time jobs, they don’t let this stop them from learning and exploring. As someone who really loves to travel, this speaks to me on a deeper level. You can tell that the experiences they have gained through exploration have shaped them into happy, adventurous and kind people, and we should all be inspired to be just like that.

Check out their Intstagram and Website to follow them on their journey!

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