How Yoga Club Presidency is Shaping my Mind

Little did I know that beginning Yoga Club on my university campus would be one of my greatest adventures yet. From attracting amazing people into my life, to being responsible for a gift that’s expanding to be a campus-wide movement, Yoga Club has been a mind-expanding experience. But it’s not all fun and easy. . .

yoga club potluck jamming
jamming at one of our vegan potlucks

Yoga Club Challenge 1: Addressing the People

There was something I totally blanked on when beginning a club. That is the eventual need to speak to all the members. To stand in front of everyone and make myself vulnerable. Gulp.

Well, it didn’t turn out too bad, and I had time to adjust while the size of our group was small at first.

yoga club practice
holding space at Shabang Festival

But then we had a club showcase. To shorten the story a bit, the showcase went well. REALLY WELL. We had a whopping 350 people sign their names to our email list. GULP.

I felt panic during our next meeting. The room was full to the brim. There was easily around 70 people. I rung a bell that signaled the beginning of a meeting, and everyone stared up at me, bringing me to my second challenge.

Yoga Club Challenge 2: Directions and Intentions

What did all the Yoga Club members want to hear? What did they all come for? A workout? A community? The means to grow and expand in to their higher being? To reach out to the community? These are other aspects of running a club I hadn’t fully observed, and it all hit me at once when I began speaking.

Who got to decide the sole purposes of the club? Was it me? Was it them? Was it my officers?

Well, I winged it, and things turned out alright. I spoke about beginning the club, and about how grateful I was for my officers, and then about how there are no prerequisites for yoga. “Everyone is welcome.”

Yoga Club holding space at Shabang
Yoga Club holding space at Shabang

Then, I gave the floor over to another officer to lead us through some “OMs” and then another to lead us through a flow.

Yoga Club Lesson 1: Be Fearless for Help

I’m a leo. Leo’s are renowned for taking on leadership roles within projects, and then letting their egos ruin things at vital moments.

I luckily didn’t fall into this trap.

I asked for help when I needed it. When I told my club members that “I’m grateful for my officers,” I truly meant it! Without them, I know that none of what I currently see would have manifested.

Asking for help has been a big theme in my life lately. I don’t always feel 100% happy, emotionally stable, and ready to tackle any obstacle on my own. Luckily I have important people within my life who see me through genuine eyes, and who will go out of their way to lessen almost any burden for me, whether it be out of selflessness or out of a desire to build something together!

Yoga Club Lesson 2: Building Bridges

partner yoga!
partner yoga!

Building is another area I feel so blessed to have my officers help with. They are never short of coming up with a plethora of ideas to help grow the club and give an incentive for members to continue to return to our meetings every week.

They have come up with ideas such as pairing with other clubs on campus, a monthly newsletter, camping trips, and many more exciting activities that entail Yoga Club becoming involved in the community and building more of a community in general!

So much to look forward to!


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