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Colitis and the Holistic Journey

When I was in sixth grade, something began to seem odd about my poop. It was slimy and- orange. Well soon the orange turned to drips of red. And if you’re not grossed out enough, I went straight to the doctor and had stool samples done, a finger in the anus for hemorrhoids, and other tests. I was placed on anti-inflammatory drugs to see if things would harden up.

I’ve been on medications ever since. I am now 21 years old.

Colitis and conventional medicine

I have to give conventional medicine credit for one simple reason. When I was young, scared, and confused about what was happening to my body, they were able to provide me with something that put my symptoms and my frightened mind at ease.

First they tried out anti inflammatory drugs which eased my symptoms, but not for long. Next they had me on some very serious medication because my flare ups were out of control. They had me on prednisone. At least it worked. Next I was put on immune suppressors and have been on them ever since. They do good at keeping me symptom free.

But I’ve realized something on my journey toward recovery. I’m not actually recovering. That is, there’s a vast difference between healing and suppressing symptoms. I’ve been suppressing my symptoms since childhood.

Colitis and Veganism: the Shift

vegan for colitis
vegan for colitis

Some bright news is that my colitis hasn’t flared up ever since adopting a plant based diet. After learning much about the inflammatory nature of animal products, I cut them out of my diet (among other reasons, which I can talk about in another post).

I learned that when consuming animal products, I was filling my body with the potential for further disease, not further healing. This truth seems ever-more apparent when looking at contemporary animal treatment. Most animals are being stuffed with antibiotics, hormones, and improper diet. These factors will cause even more irritation to health.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle has been a grand, positive experience. For so long I didn’t care what went into my body, consuming anything without thinking. I was living to eat, rather than eating to live.

Now I eat to live. I know that plant foods are healing and can contribute to the ultimate healing of disease.

bananas and oatmeal for colitis
bananas and oatmeal for colitis

Medical Medium’s take on colitis and other cases of mystery illness

I love the universe’s capacity to synchronize you with the right experiences and information.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” -Paulo Coelho 

As soon as I decided to make healing a priority, the universe led me to Medical Medium, the New York Times number one best selling book. In it, he reveals information about colitis that intuitively makes sense to me.

Anthony William, the Medical Medium speaks of colitis as being caused by the combination of an accumulation of heavy metals (which can be passed down through the generations and accumulated in one’s own life) in the colon and a hidden virus, one of many forms of the shingles virus.

He describes colitis as a mystery illness. Doctors don’t truly know the underlying cause of the disease, so they turn a patient against their own bodies by telling them it’s autoimmune. For so long I’ve turned against my body, but won’t any longer.

He suggests a heavy metal detox consisting of the implementation of these 5 specific foods into your everyday eating: Hawaiian spirulina, Atlantic dulse, cilantro, wild blueberries, and barley grass powder. According to him, the combination of these three foods are highly efficient for the thorough removal of heavy metals from the body.

spirulina and barley grass shots for heavy metal detox
spirulina and barley grass shots for heavy metal detox

Next, he recommends anti inflammatory and anti viral foods: coconuts, papayas, apples, pears, artichokes, bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, asparagus, avocados, lettuces, and green beans. He also suggests supplementation: ALA, magnesium, MSM, B12, EPA and DHA, lobelia, feverfew, california poppy, licorice root, zinc, l-lysine, selenium, and nettle leaf.

Next steps in healing colitis

I’m currently taking my final round of medications before I let them go. Hopefully for good. My illness could potentially be healed already since I started eating plant based over 2 years ago.

I feel scared but am expecting the best. My symptoms will be kept at bay.

My plan will be to implement antiviral foods daily. I’ll also keep incorporating anti inflammatory foods that coat and heal the digestive track like bananas, oats, papayas, and aloe vera.

I have already cut out gluten, corn, and processed/added sugars as well as, obviously, animal products over 2 years ago.

I will be staying active and on top of my yoga and fitness to keep my body strong, and to keep my stress as low as possible.

Pray for me. Cheers.






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