1:1 coaching

My Love,

You’re here because you’re ready for change. You’re ready to tap into your inner knowing, you’re ready to live authentically as yourself without fear of what others will think. You’re ready to take up space, speak your truth and to stop playing small. You’re a dreamer and you know deep inside you that big things are waiting. 

You’re ready to take the next step on  your journey of coming home to yourself, but you need a little extra support. Y0u need someone else on your side to help guide you and honour you on your path. You need accountability and someone to help you see that everything you need and want is already within you.

Who you are  & what you want?

🌙 You’re commited to your growth & evolution

🌙 You’re ready to embrace and honour your true authentic self. 

🌙 You want to feel confident in yourself and be able to speak your truth & take up space unapologetically.

🌙 You want to love, accept and cherish yourself and your body. 

🌙 You want to stop playing small and actually go after those dreams you’ve been hiding from for so long

🌙 You want to re-write out-ddated narratives and limiting beliefs so that they become empowering and supportive statements that help you live in alignment, balance and peace. 

🌙 You want to be able to take time for yourself and create healthy and empowering boundaries. 

What Coaching with me looks like…

Together we’ll dive into whatever it is that will best serve you. Sessions are designed by you and for you with me their to guide and support you at every step.

As your coach, it’s my job to help you realise the power and potential you have within you and to help you nurture and grow it. I’ll help you see things from new perspectives and challenge the limiting beliefs you have that are stopping you from doing or being what you want to. I’m not here to ‘fix’ you or dump advice onto you, I’m here to work with you so you can grow, flourish and thrive. 

I have a Bsc in Psychology and I’m working towards an MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and I will use my knowledge in their topic areas to provide interventions and activities that I believe will best help you to unleash your fullest potential. 

Are you ready?