A beautiful landscape has a way of keeping us active and motivated to create art. Christian Wimmer bought is very first camera only about one year ago.
He has learned to take stunning landscape shots (as seen on his Instagram account) in such a short amount of time. His first camera was a Ricoh GR2. He wrote to us saying:
“It was during Winter and my main goal was to capture my ski touring adventures in the German and Austrian Alps. I am addicted to sports and that’s why it needed to be a lightweight gear I can carry in my backpack.”
He indeed picked a good starting camera. The GR2 is only about 8.9 oz, takes rather clean shots for its size, has built in wifi, and is highly responsive. It seems to be the perfect camera to bring out on adventures in the wild.
skiing in Austria
Christian captured this shot while skiing in Austria

Born in the beautiful landscape

Christian was born about an hour south of Munich, Germany near the Austrian border. In his letter to us, he described the landscape of his birthplace that likely served as inspiration for the type of lifestyle he leads today:

“We have so many beautiful landscapes here. Mountains, lakes and forests. I was out there since I can remember and nature, sports and activities in the mountains has been a part of my life. Couldn’t imagine it without it. So with the time, I explored and visited more and more beautiful areas which many people aren’t able to reach. I thought it might be cool to share some of my impressions of my adventures. . .”

nature landscape
“[This photo] shows lake Riessersee and its panorama view to “Waxenstein” mountain group. Lake Riessersee is located at an altitude of 785m and was fictitiously applied in the Middle Ages. The lake itself hosted speed skating events and 10 of the 37 ice hockey games for the 1936 Winter Olympics. Adjacent to the lake, the bobsleigh events took place and had a length of 1525m with a vertical drop of 130m. The whole track was demolished in 1966 but a few remnants of the track can be seen on sleigh rides near the lake.” -Christian















And thus he began taking photos. He wrote that he felt inclined to share his beautiful shots with people who can’t readily access the beautiful landscapes, or won’t see it the same way he does even if they can.

He actually began by merely shooting with his smart phone (many of which he admits have good cameras) before gaining an eye for photography and buying actual cameras.

Experiencing the landscape: sportsman

Outside of capturing the landscape, Christian enjoys playing in it. He enjoys many different kinds of sports, such as mountain biking, road cycling, trail running, running or just hiking, and in the winter, skiing and ski touring. He even uses his sporting as a way to capture some of his best photographs. He wrote:

“I love it to push myself to new limits and tackle new challenges. I capture the most beautiful landscapes (in my opinion) during winter while ski touring. You get into areas where sometimes nobody except you is around. And especially in winter those huge mountains or mountain ridges look so beautiful. I really love that!”

skiing down snowy mountain
Christian skiing in Austria

Ski touring is similar to back-country skiing, but with ski touring, you wear specific types of skis that allow you to travel both down and uphill. Seems like the ultimate way to be outside to embrace the snowy landscapes, much of which probably remains largely unseen!

Getting the shot

Christian prefers and even admits that the light has to be almost perfect for a stunning shot. He wrote:

“So either sunrise or sunset. It’s not always possible to stand on a summit at the evening, so many shots are just during the day, which is also not that bad  Clouds or fog can be a real mood booster for an awesome and outstanding shot, so you have to be just lucky sometimes I think!”

nature landscape
“It’s not all about famous spots. Sometimes you can find beautiful gems just around the corner… I love exploring new angles and places. What drives you?” – Christian




















He edits using primarily Adobe Lightroom which he admits is easy to learn, though it is a massive editing platform.

“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop

When we asked Christian what his favorite place he’s been to and shot is, he replied:

“Ouch, that’s a difficult question! I think beauty is everywhere just around the corner, you just have to keep your eyes open for it.”

We believe this is not only a highly adept perspective that will influence someone’s art for the better, but for someone’s perception of the world in total. Christian also broke it down and said:

“I would say my 2017 highlight were the Dolomites. I went there with a friend to hike. 7 days full of mountain adventures. And why is this a highlight? Well, the Dolomites are different  They are completely different to the mountains in my home, the German Alps. Especially sunset is a beautiful highlight you really have to watch when you have the chance to visit this area! The mountains will glow and just show their full beauty. An unbelievable nature spectacle!”

The Dolomites, also recognized as the “Pale Mountains,” are a mountain range in northeastern Italy renowned for skiing and mountain climbing.

Afterthoughts. . .

So there you have it: an adventurer who became capable of taking extravagant nature shots in very little time. A person who inspires us to be outside in nature doing what we love as mush as possible because it is the true route to the soul.

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