Cacao Ceremony: What, When and How.

We are all familiar with chocolate. Go into any store and you will find aisles dedicated to it. This type of chocolate is not typically used for a cacao ceremony because it is often over-processed and polluted. Despite this, it does have some physical and mental benefits. If the chocolate doesn’t contain unnecessary ingredients then it has lots of potent antioxidants. It may also help to reduce cholesterol, increase cognitive performance, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

The chocolate that I am going to be talking about throughout the rest of this article is in the purest form. It is 100% cacao and has been used for centuries for it’s medicinal and spiritual powers. At the end of reading this article, you will be able to start your own cacao journey.

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Cacao Ceremony: The what.

Cacao ceremony

The first people to harness the power of cacao were the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people. It has since been used ceremonially by the Aztec and Mayan civilisations.

A cacao ceremony is when cacao (preferably ceremonial grade) is consumed with mindfulness and intention. Ceremonies can be done either alone or in groups. When done alone, you connect deeply to yourself and harness your inner power. When done in groups they allow for open communication and connectedness. Cacao is a heart opener and helps to create feelings of pleasure and emotional intimacy.

Before consuming cacao, people usually set an intention. These intentions are something they want to manifest or let go off. Cacao ceremonies give you clarity and allow you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

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Cacao Ceremony: The when.

moon cycles

There are no set rules as to when a cacao ceremony should take place.

Cacao ceremonies are sometimes done during a full or new moon. When combined with cacao and intention, the energy of the moon is very powerful. During a new moon, people set intentions for things they want to manifest. During the full moon, people use cacao to delve deeper into themselves. They start to understand which parts of their psyche are blocking their growth- a sort of spring clean for the mind if you will.

You can, however, do a cacao ceremony whenever you want. Use cacao ceremonially if you are feeling confused, blocked, upset or out of touch with yourself.

When couples are having difficulty communicating with each or want to deepen their connection they use cacao. As a heart opener, it allows you to communicate your true feelings, listen without judgement and gain clarity in a relationship.

Cacao Ceremony:  The how.

Cacao ceremony
A photo taken during a recent cacao ceremony I did with my boyfriend.

Again, there are no set rules on how you should conduct your cacao ceremony. After several ceremonies, you will develop your own rituals.  If this is your first time leading or creating your own personal cacao ceremony then here is a guide you can use:

– Mix ceremonial grade cacao (where possible) with hot water. You can add additional spices such as cinnamon, Himalayan salt, or cayenne pepper. To sweeten your drink add a little maple syrup or honey. Be as mindful as you can during this process. The way you treat the cacao can alter the influence it has over you during the main ceremony.

–  Once your drink is made, create a ceremonial space. This can include having crystals present, clearing the air by burning palo santo or sage, playing gentle music that resonates with you or simply lighting a candle. In this step, you want to create a setting that feels special and intimate.

– Sit in your ceremonial space and take some deep breaths. By emptying and filling your lungs like this you will start to become more present and open. During this time start to think of your intentions. Hold your intentions in your mind and heart. Whilst breathing in the aroma of the cacao, imagine your intentions flowing into it.

– Now you are ready to drink. Take one more deep breath then take a sip of the cacao. If you are drinking alone, try to stay in a meditative state during the drinking process. Focus on your intentions and also stay grateful for the earth and the medicine she has provided. When doing it with another person, discuss your intentions and what you are grateful for. The cacao will open your heart and lead to a much-needed conversation.

I would love to hear about your experiences with cacao 🙂

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