Drumming for the Light

Aiming for Light – Music, Photo and Flow in MDO

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.” -Walt Whitman

We can’t stand by admitting that we’re always okay. Even through positive and spiritual efforts, darkness can fall upon the soul like the dimming of a calm, radiant summer’s day. A cloud-covered horizon dismisses scattered light. There is potent darkness after the clarifying and awe-inspiring sunset.

A darkness that can’t always be seen through.

After the darkness there is always more light

I let friendship be the light that guides me into sunrise when I’m faced with dark moments. Genuine friendship is an ecstatic force, whether it be giving or receiving love. Last night, I felt depressed. I had a call from a friend who explained he was feeling depressed as well.

We both admitted that we felt better after our energy exchange.

I had a hard weekend in general. I’ve been finding it difficult to make decisions lately. I feel no flow and no light. I feel blocked.

I allowed some light to enter into my heart with a small, adventurous, artistic day in Montana del Oro. A good friend of mine led some yoga asanas, while some others were equipped with cameras to capture our activities. I remained alongside the flow, playing my djembe (African Drum) on the side.

Drumming for the Light
Drumming for the Light

Nature as a path to the light

The darkest moments are usually caused by a mere impediment of the mind. They are caused by flaws in thought. In ignorance of thought. For example, when I think about school, I immediately feel stress over my grades. I think this way because I’ve been raised and conditioned to think that my grades are worth obsessing over, that they deserve to have control over my wellness, and that they define me.

Anyone reading this knows the truth, however, that grades aren’t a defining factor, and that they simply aren’t worth any decrease in wellness. Matter of fact, my envisioned future has no real resonance with having to make good grades.

Returning to nature is important when the mind is in need of tuning. Nature is us in our natural state. The trees let the wind take their leaves and move their boughs with no resistance. The waves fear not crashing, nor retreating back to the sea.

After our jam session, we loafed on the seashore and watched the waves. Some of us went in the water, and some lingered with the sea-breeze. The talking and the sound of the waves gave me a slight high that any trouble in my mind couldn’t resist against.

The walk back to the car was precious. The Eucalyptus trees swayed in whispers while any nuance of sorrow seeped from my heart space.


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