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  • Anonymous asked:
    any advice on cultivating more self-love??
    • Louise Baker replied:
      Self-love is about accepting yourself as you are. It's about accepting that you are not going to be perfect and that's fine. I like to think of self-love by turning myself into my best friend. In any situation, I think, "If this was my best friend, someone I cared about a lot, how I would treat them, and what advice would I give them?" While self-love is about caring for yourself and putting your own wellbeing first this also includes tough love. Realise the traumas and narratives that need to be healed and re-written. Self-love is about loving yourself unconditionally while realising there is work to be done. To incorporate more self-love into your daily life partake in activities that make you feel happy and alive. Make sure that you take time each day to care for your needs whether that is meditation, journaling, going for a walk or playing with your pets (Check out my article on self-care for more tips). Secondly, re-write the negative or self-limiting beliefs you have about yourself. Catch yourself in the act whenever you say "I can't" or "I'm not." What we say after the words "I am" are very important and we should try to refrain from using any negative or self-deprecating speech. Counter any of these limiting thoughts with the positive opposites. Mantras are your best friend when it comes to this. Think of a mantra such as "I am limitless" and repeat it to yourself throughout the day - say it so much that it becomes ingrained into your mind. If you need any more advice don't hesitate to get back in touch 🙂 Love always, Louise