Who are we?


Jacob and Lousie at Carrizo Plain National Monument
                                  us at Carrizo Plain National Monument


We are Jacob (US) and Louise (UK). After meeting at school in California, we made a connection and realized that we both had a great passion for adventure, travel and wellness. After hours of talking about dream places to go and fantasizing about traveling the world, we took a two week trip traveling the national parks of Arizona and Utah and we were hooked. We were in awe at everything we saw and energized by all the things we did. We thought, “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we could share this with others and inspire them to achieve their dreams too?” Thus this platform was born. We see it as a good way to track our steps and for you to follow along on the journey.

Our main purpose, however, is this: to inspire and show that a life of adventure and becoming the greatest version of yourself is easily within reach!


acro yoga in Laguna Beach, California
acro yoga in Laguna Beach, California!


About Jacob


Jacob Lopez
     Near the peak of Mount Baldy, California


Hello 🙂 Jacob here. After compiling thousands of memories from previous expeditions and while using other people’s blogs along the way, I thought it might be time to start one up myself in order to track my own progress. Blogging is the perfect means for me to do so; I am currently an English academic pursuing a degree and love to write! I enjoy journal and freelance writing equally, but poetry writing is my main cup of tea.

Thus far, I have had a few publications in poetry (The RavensPerch, Z Publishing’s Anthology, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Literary Magazine), numerous online publications with Revue by scout, and publications with my university’s newspaper, Mustang News. I aim to further utilize my love for words with this blog.

Another obvious reason to begin this blog is simply for my love for travel. I feel this blog will help me manifest more adventurous experiences. Thus far, I have made my way around southern Europe, southeast Asia, and bits of Central America. I’m planning to include the whole globe by death.

But travel and writing only make up half of me. I’m also deeply invested in health, yoga, fitness, and longevity. We’re aiming to fit a category in our blog concerning these matters. There, you’ll find words about how we eat, why we eat the way we do, how we exercise, mindfulness and Yoga. Blessings!


About Louise

Wildflower Super bloom
enjoying California’s wildflower super bloom


Being a European I have a wealth of different countries and cultures right at my finger tips, meaning I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many different places on the continent. Further to this, adventure and travel has always been a big part of our family beliefs leading to travel to many other places around the world. Since a young age I have yearned to explore the world and to see and experience as much as possible. This blog will be a place I can share my adventures yet also learn a lot about myself.

I attend the University Of Birmingham (UK) where I study psychology. When given the opportunity to live and study abroad for a year I jumped at the opportunity! I chose California Polytechnic State University and never looked back! Whilst there I was able to explore a lot of the state of California as well as neighboring states and even Canada. It was an amazing experience and reinforced my dream for a life of travel.

I am also very passionate about fitness and general wellness. I love food and enjoy creating healthy vegan and gluten free food and hunting around for the best places to eat where ever I’m travelling! I have been on the track team at both Birmingham University and Cal Poly, both of which have helped make me the person I am today.


We really hope you enjoy reading our blog and we would love to hear from you, if you have any comments or feedback please contact us